Jobsite Toolbox Talks Focus on Safety Week

May 5, 2015 – As part of Safety Week 2015, Hunter Roberts’ jobsites will be conducting toolbox talks with specific topics and discussion points each day this week. As an important part of kicking off each day on the jobsite, these particular Toolbox Talks promote discussions about a variety of topics that affect workers both on the jobsite and at home. Topics include:

Incident and Injury Free (IIF): A thorough recap of Hunter Roberts’ safety philosophy, which promotes the human side of safety, including respectful relationships and open communication on jobsites to ensure everyone goes home safe;
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): The basics of hard hats, safety glasses, and protective gloves and how crucial they are not just to construction but to work around the home as well;
Evacuation: The importance of emergency preparedness complete with evacuation plans for both the jobsite and the home;
Fall Protection: The dangers of ladders and scaffolds and how to properly prep this equipment, and;
Housekeeping: The importance of maintaining a clean jobsite and how it contributes to overall site safety.

In addition to these topics, which every Hunter Roberts jobsite will cover, a number of site safety managers and superintendents will be conducting optional talks about hand tools; ergonomics; slips, trips, and falls; safe driving habits; and electrical safety.

Hunter Roberts’ staff is committed to IIF and wants every person who interacts or passes our jobsites to safely return home to their families at night. Our employees look forward to Safety Week each year and are encouraged to participate in these discussions to add depth of knowledge and personal experiences to enrich the lessons learned at each project site.