Little Island (Pier55)

New York, NY
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Little Island (Pier55), New York’s most unique public pier and park, is designed to be the premier recreation and entertainment destination on the Hudson River. Located nearly 200 feet off Manhattan’s West side, the “floating park” is accessible by boardwalk-style walkways extending from piers 54 and 56. The parks unique foundation was created by driving approximately 200-cylindrical precast piles each topped with a unique flower petal precast “pot” aligned to form the rolling topographical base of the 2.7-acre park, topped with trees, gardens, grass, benches, railings, and meandering paths. An open-air amphitheater was built on the park’s west side, accommodating public performances with the ambiance from the Hudson River and New Jersey skyline in the background.

Market Sector
Waterfront / Piers / Parks
Pier55, Inc.
Heatherwick Studio
Standard Architects
107,000 SF
Completion Date
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