Sustainable building projects routinely produce greater marketability, higher employee productivity, and improved building efficiencies. To assist owners, Hunter Roberts combines experienced people and a collaborative methodology to help our clients address environmental, social, and economic success.
Hunter Roberts’ commitment to environmentally sound construction materials and processes is an integral component of our corporate culture. With an ever-expanding list of both accredited green professionals and projects, Hunter Roberts is rapidly becoming one of the industry’s leading green builders. Our knowledgeable staff will work to identify green design options and materials during the pre-construction phase and use this information to develop a plan that meets the Owner’s green building goals.
Hunter Roberts is capable of providing the following staff and services related to green construction:

• Accredited professionals on the pre-construction team
• Incorporation of sustainable elements in contract documents with specialty contractors
• Specialty contractor documentation reviews
• Consideration of sustainable elements during the value engineering processes
• Development of a construction waste management and demolition plan
• Development of a procurement strategy to include building materials with maximized recycled content

Hunter Roberts offers extensive experience on green projects in a variety of market sectors including hotels, primary schools, residential buildings, and commercial spaces and will provide a list of our sustainable projects upon request.