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Latest News

Sun Safety

Home improvement projects, sports leagues, and sandy beach vacations draw Americans outdoors for significant amounts of time during the summer months. Still, even short exposures to the sun—even in winter—require vigilant skin protection measures. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says the su


Grill Safety: Barbe-Q&As

Memorial Day marks the official start to barbecue season, meaning burgers and dogs are back on the menu. While summer foods certainly are delicious, grills themselves can be hazardous if not handled properly. Firefighters respond to over 8,000 grill fires annually, which can cost millions in propert


The Buzz about Mosquito Protection

Mosquito bites, while irritating, are not usually cause for alarm. However, a small percentage of mosquitoes do carry diseases such as West Nile virus, Eastern equine encephalitis, and Zika virus, which can all be serious and sometimes life-threatening. Avoiding mosquitoes altogether on the swampy E


Pioneering Women Awards Honor Freeman, Hunter Roberts

May 13, 2016 — Publisher Sokol Media Online has honored Jenny Freeman, PE, LEED AP, as a keynote speaker and as a Pioneering Woman in Real Estate during their 15th annual awards gala, held at Club 101 in Manhattan last night. Sokol Media also recognized Hunter Roberts Construction Group as a pione


Safety Week Marked by Education and Dedication

May 10, 2016 — With another Safety Week in the books, Hunter Roberts has identified several areas where we seek to improve safety and has carefully communicated to company staff, subcontractors, and clients the importance of staying attentive to safety risks throughout the year. Safety Week is a l


Fired Up About Evacuation Plans

We have fire drills several times a year in the office and jobsites require a fire safety plan, but what about your home? Nearly 32% of fires occur in residential buildings and they account for over 75% of fire deaths and injuries. However, only one-third of Americans have developed and practiced an