Villanova University Finneran Pavilion

Villanova, PA
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Finneran Pavilion at Villanova University is a unique 6,500 seat, multi-purpose venue whose most prominent function is to serve as the basketball arena for the men’s and women’s basketball programs including NCAA Championship events. The Pavilion, constructed in 1986, also hosts a variety of events and functions such as Convocation, intramurals, practices, concerts and the celebration of mass.

The primary goals for this renovation program were to improve the fan experience with increased amenities and improve targeted areas of the building’s infrastructure, which now allows it to compete with other similar facilities. The renovations included new seating, sports/theatrical lighting, audio/visual elements, retail/concessions, restrooms, graphics, additional club spaces, improved locker room facilities and an improved building entry. Repairs and building improvements involved roof repairs, new sports flooring, and exterior repairs such as sidewalks, brick and EIFS facades.

The scope included a new substation which involved the removal of two existing 1000 KVA 13.2KV transformers and switchboards that serviced the Pavilion, Davis Building, and Natatorium, and replacing them with two 1500 KVA transformers off of the University’s 13.2KV loop. This work was phased to provide power to the Davis Building and Natatorium and temporary power for the renovation of the Pavilion.

Villanova University
Schiller and Hersh Associates, Inc.
94,000 SF
Completion Date
September 2018