U.S. Department of Agriculture / ARS Eastern Regional Research Center

Wyndmoor, PA
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In association with Integrated Project Services, the renovations to the Eastern Regional Research Center encompassed a multi-phased improvement in a fully occupied and fully operational facility. A logistical scaffold tunnel was utilized to allow USDA’s staff members and visitors safe access through the work areas during construction. Work was conducted throughout two buildings. In Building 5, the scope of work included power plant upgrades, new 500 HP boiler, and 1000-ton chiller and cooling tower with associated pumps, stacks, and vents.

The work in Building 4 included major renovations to research laboratories, support spaces, and offices, encompassing work on all four floors, attic, and roof levels. The scope included new partitions, doors, windows, laboratory fixed casework, floors, ceilings, HVAC, AHU, ductwork, fire sprinkler system, plumbing including laboratory gases, toilet room fixtures, electrical distribution system, communication system, fire alarm system, and lighting. Asbestos and lead abatement, demolition, and roof replacement were also included. Hunter Roberts also performed retro commissioning and testing and balanced the existing power plant, pilot plant, and chemical wing HVAC systems. This included testing and balancing the existing HVAC equipment, installation of variable geometry dampers on existing exhaust fan stacks, reprogramming existing HVAC equipment for reduced airflows, and retro commissioning. The project was funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

U.S. Department of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service
Bernard Johnson Corporation
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