Schuylkill Yards Bulletin Building Renovations

Philadelphia, PA
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Hunter Roberts provided Construction Management services for the renovations to the former Bulletin Building, the center of the Schuylkill Yards innovation development, a projected 20-year master plan spanning 14 acres in the University City area.

The scope of work included the removal of the east facade of 3025-53 Market Street (2nd, 3rd and 4th levels) and the erection of a glass curtainwall system with architectural extruded steel shapes at column lines. The glass storefronts at the North, East and South elevations (1st level) were replaced. There was new signage erected on the roof reading “SCHUYLKILL YARDS” several feet from the roof’s edge, as well as new metal stairs, doors, and infill of the roof slab where mechanical equipment was demolished.

The remaining brick façade was cleaned and repointed, the loggia sidewalk beneath the building overhang was shotblasted and refinished with a traffic coating.  Building Information Modeling utilized on the project for trade coordination and clash detection.

Market Sector
Brandywine Realty Trust
100,000 SF
Completion Date