Princeton University Peyton Hall Renovations & Upgrades

Princeton, NJ
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Constructed in 1966, Peyton Hall is a 35,600 SF, three-story (including basement) building home to Princeton University’s Department of Astrophysical Sciences. The major mechanical systems were primarily original to the building and over 40 years old, thus beyond the expected service life of the equipment. The department’s evolving programmatic needs required changes to the basement to better utilize inefficient spaces.

The primary scope of work was to renovate the eastern part of the basement to optimize space for current and identified near-future needs, including but not limited to the needs of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project. Programmatic renovations included both upgrading the interior finishes, furnishings, signage, etc., to a level appropriate for post-doctoral researchers and faculty, as well as modifying the existing systems in the renovated area, such as power, information technology, plumbing, and fire protection. The second part of the project included the removal and replacement of the main building air handling unit and all associated ductwork and piping. The unit was replaced with a modern air handling unit and new air distribution ductwork with VAV boxes and DDC Control System.

Princeton University
Ford3 Architects
35,600 SF
Completion Date
August 2015