Northwell Health CFAM Laboratory Build-Out

Lake Success, NY
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Northwell Health tasked Hunter Roberts with the build-out of this state-of-the-art laboratory space at Northwell Health’s existing Center for Advanced Medicine (CFAM). The original CFAM laboratory opened its doors in early 1998 and employed then-cutting edge technology for patient specimen testing and reporting, including flow cytometry, special coagulation, molecular diagnostics, complex microbiology, virology, endocrinology, toxicology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, cytology, and anatomic pathology. After six months of pre-construction, our team built out these clinical services within an existing one million-SF warehouse space over the course of an 18-month schedule. Scope called for both wet and dry labs along with conference rooms, IT server and workrooms, a library, break rooms, a mailroom and office services area, reception and administrative spaces, and wellness center and locker rooms. The new commercial laboratory space required extensive MEPS infrastructure upgrades to ensure N+1 redundancy for all critical electrical systems. Work spread across the 84,000-SF first floor and a 17,000-SF mezzanine level. The team managed considerable logistical challenges. The existing facility was built upon a USEPA-designated Brownfields site that contains an active sub-slab depressurization system with active monitoring wells. Trench slabs were installed to provide underground plumbing services throughout the project site. 

Market Sector
Life Science/Labs
Northwell Health  
Flad Architects
101,000 SF
Completion Date