New York Genome Center

New York, NY
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Hunter Roberts delivered a state-of-the-art sequencing facility whose mission is to achieve transformational results for healthcare and research. Founded in 2010, the New York Genome Center initially operated out of a 3,000-SF rented space at Rockefeller University. The new SoHo location includes a large high throughput sequencing center, with a very strong research element being driven by genomics and bioinformatics. The facility encompasses scope for 30 sequencers and an innovation center for testing new technology. Additionally, the center includes a CLIA-certified lab, freezer rooms, and data storage, as well as an auditorium, conference rooms, employee training and collaboration areas, a cafeteria and kitchenettes, and flexible workspaces. For the New York Genome Center, the new space has meant an astounding capacity to expand their core research goals while storing and organizing the more than one trillion base pairs of genetic information generated each day. This new facility enables the non-profit consortium to conduct groundbreaking explorations into human genomics and share their findings to the greater clinical community in order to facilitate better detection, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases. The Center unveiled a brain cancer treatment collaboration in March 2014 between the New York Genome Center and the IBM Watson computer, proving the center to be a catalyst for greater interaction between research institutions and scientists.

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Life Science/Labs
New York Genome Center
Elkus Manfredi
165,000 SF
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