Garvies Point Phase I

Glen Cove, NY
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RXR Realty partnered with Hunter Roberts on their new mixed-use community Garvies Point, located on Long Island along Hempstead Harbor. During Phase I, Hunter Roberts oversaw the construction of three residential stick-framed buildings, which were known as Buildings H, I, and B. Building H (321,000 SF, 177 units) and Building I (318,000 SF, 208 units) are both five-floor apartment buildings with luxury units for rent, while Building B (320,000 SF, 166 units) contains six floors of luxury condominium units. Building H features a common courtyard with seating and a water fountain, a green roof, and parking in the basement and on the first floor level. Building I has a parking lot, swimming and spa pool, and a green roof. Both rental buildings contain fireplaces as well as washer/dryers and dishwashers in each unit. Building B is located on the waterfront and features parking areas, a pool, common areas, a clubhouse, individual balconies, and a penthouse. All three buildings were completed in 2019, starting with Building H in the spring and ending with Building B in the fall. Phase II is still in the design phase, but will include an 11-story building and additional support structures.

Market Sector
RXR Realty
Minno Wasko Architects and Planners
959,000 SF 
Completion Date