Bristol Myers Squibb Renovations

Hopewell, NJ
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Hunter Roberts performed a variety of work, ranging from small to moderate fit-outs and plant operation modifications to critical mechanical and electrical upgrades, at the biopharmaceutical company Bristol-Myer Squibb’s Hopewell location. These included repairs to the water infiltration system and coatings at the Building 26 Cooling Tower, construction of temporary plants to perform tests on pond water and water from cooling towers, installation of a new I-Star security system, and construction of a new concrete basin facility followed by the installation of MEPS systems so that the treatment center would be able to handle testing facilities located at opposite ends of the site. Hunter Roberts also upgraded monitoring manholes and waste water systems, as well as energy systems in order to better monitor steam and chilled water systems back to the Central Utility Building. This last component necessitated the installation of new well points and devices along with connections to monitoring panels. Due to failures in masonry and coatings, Hunter Roberts re-faced Building 17 and 17A and performed new roof work on these buildings. Last, Hunter Roberts replaced the air handler, motor, and controls at the penthouse with new equipment.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
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