1330 Avenue of the Americas Lobby, Storefront, Plaza, & Garage Renovations

New York, NY
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The 1330 Avenue of the Americas corporate tower was in need of both restoration and upgrades. RXR Realty and 1330 Acquisition Co. tasked Hunter Roberts with performing the 7,500-SF renovation to the lobby and plaza in order to meet this goal. Later, Hunter Roberts provided pre-construction and construction management services to RXR for the parking garage, plaza, and storefront upgrades projects at the same Midtown Manhattan property. Scope for the lobby project included installation of a new million-dollar main entry and elevator lobby. The parking garage at 1330 Avenue of the Americas is comprised of reinforced concrete slabs over a structural steel frame with cast-in-place concrete fireproofing. Deficiencies in the original design combined with the overall lack of proper maintenance lead to an accelerated deterioration of the concrete slabs, beams and columns. Hunter Roberts provided a comprehensive repair program to replace severely deteriorated conditions, repair less severe conditions of minor to moderate deterioration, and install a high-performance waterproofing and traffic bearing membrane coating system. The plaza and storefronts at 1330 Avenue of the Americas were also upgraded. Scope included a complete new waterproofing and paver system at grade, planters, steps, railings, and an overall integration with a new storefront system for both the main building lobby and ground floor tenants.

Market Sector
1330 Acquisition Co.
RXR Realty
Diaz Architects
MdeAS Architects
Completion Date
2008 & 2012