April 5, 2017 – Hunter Roberts continues to demonstrate how We Care and We Deliver for our community, as staff members from the “City of Brotherly Love” volunteered their time and skills on April 1 to help provide critical safe and healthy repairs and improvements to 16 homes in the Belmont section of Philadelphia, part of a three-day Block Build organized by Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP). RTP is a local, independent affiliate of Rebuilding Together, Inc., the nation’s leading nonprofit organization providing home repairs, modifications, and improvements for America’s low-income homeowners, many of whom are elderly, disabled, have young children, or are veterans.

RTP’s strategy is to target clusters of homes within certain neighborhoods and bring volunteers and communities together to make the necessary home improvements and repairs. With 100 to 200 volunteers each day during this three-day build event, streets were closed off in the neighborhood, and what seemed like a spirited community block party ensued.

Our staff members were proudly able to provide many repairs and improvements for the residents in need, such as patching and replacing drywall, replacing carpet with new flooring, spackling and painting, replacing ceiling tiles, removing and capping leaking sections of pipe in a basement, repairing a leaking hot water heater, removing a toilet that was leaking into the kitchen, replacing wax seal on the toilet and installing a new water supply line, and removing and repairing a leaking kitchen sink and faucet.

“Living in the city, I pass by homes all the time where the conditions are visibly worn,” said Assistant Project Manager Vince Farace. “It was nice to be able to use the skills that I have developed over the years to help others in need and help make the community a better place for all.” 

“It was a lot of fun working with the homeowners and to be a part of making their living conditions more enjoyable and safer, said Assistant Project Manager Kevin Dillon. “Nothing is more IIF than providing people in the community with a safe place to live.”

Some homeowners and their family members worked alongside the volunteers in making the repairs, adding to the community spirit and comradery. The homeowners were overjoyed with the work that was provided and the energy and sweat equity brought by all of the volunteers. The homeowners were overjoyed with the work that was provided and the energy and sweat equity brought by all of the volunteers. “My life has been truly affected by Rebuilding Together Philadelphia,” said homeowner Deborah Laurence. “I can function much better. The volunteers were fantastic. I can’t thank you enough. Little things are what really impact a person’s life. You just don’t realize – this has been nine years that we have been waiting for this. We’re so very appreciative.”