Yankee Parking Facilities

Commercial / Retail


  • Bronx Parking Development Co.


  • Clark Caton Hintz


  • Bronx, NY

Hunter Roberts performed design/build services to construct three parking garages at the new Yankee Stadium facility for the NYCEDC. The three garages – Parking Garage A, Garage B, and Garage C – are bounded by the Macomb’s Dam Bridge viaduct on the west, Ruppert Place (a city street that has been de-mapped as a public thoroughfare and remapped as parkland) on the east, East 157th Street and the exit ramp from the Macomb’s Dam Bridge on the south, and East 161st Street on the north. The garages contain approximately 5,000 spaces including appropriately located handicapped spaces, with recreational facilities on the roof. The structure is supported by reinforced cast-in-place concrete pile caps set on concrete-filled steel pipe piles.

Garage A contains two below-grade levels and Garage C contains one below-grade level. Garage A was built atop a deep foundation system, including steel piles and drilled mini-piles, and, as an additional foundational element, adjoined the existing retaining wall. The structure of the garages was precast double-tees, with brick faced spandrels. Decorative stainless mesh panels are installed at the 164th Street Garage exterior to enhance the architectural vision of the garage.

The exterior of the garage included thin brick installed on the precast concrete spandrel panels on all levels.  All exterior exposed precast concrete columns received a sand-blasted finish. Painted steel mesh was installed in the openings between the top of the first and second floor, and the second and third floor received precast spandrel panels. Work included interfacing with Yankee Stadium and included a new state-of-the-art Olympic-quality track and field with associated park improvements on top of one garage. In September 2009 Yankee Stadium Parking was announced winner of the Building of America Award by Real Estate & Construction Review-New York/Philadelphia Edition.