Two Sutton Place North

Residential & Hospitality


  • Solow Building Company


  • Goldstein, Hill & West Architects, LLP


  • New York, NY

Hunter Roberts provided construction management services for the new 270,000-SF, $110 million luxury residential tower at 1113 York Avenue. The project consisted of a new 37-story multi-family rental building to be built perpendicular to an existing sister tower on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The new building will stands less than 30 feet from the Roosevelt Island Tramway car structure and in close proximity to the 59th Street Bridge.

The project is supported by a reinforced concrete frame on top of a below-grade parking structure. A glazed unitized curtain wall facade wraps the building.  The first floor contains a lobby, fitness center, and other amenities.  A swimming pool will be built in the sub cellar, below the parking garage.  Floors 2 through 37 are residential floors with a footprint of 7,277 SF each.  In addition to the new tower, a covered walkway linking the existing sister tower to the new building will be constructed. A unique feature to York Tower II is it’s four-pipe HVAC system, where chilled water and steam heat will be fed from a chiller and boiler plant contained in York Tower I.

The area surrounding the new tower has several landscaping features including planters, trees, gravel, and an outdoor water feature, for the use of future tenants.