Residential & Hospitality


  • 188 Ludlow


  • Costas Kondylis & Partners


  • New York, NY

Hunter Roberts Construction Group provided pre-construction and construction management services for the construction of this 24-story residential tower. Approximately 214,000 SF is designated for residential space for a total of 243 rentable units. The remaining 10,000 SF is comprised of retail space and various tenant amenities.

Constructed directly over an active subway line, the foundations were split into two quadrants each with roughly 10 to 15 mini-caissons drilled over 60 feet down into rock. Vibration isolation pads were installed within the structure above the subway line to isolate building vibration for the future tenants. Conventional underpinning methods were used on both the east and south property lines as 100-year-old buildings abutted the basement foundation walls.

The project involved coordination with Con Edison to receive, handle, and set the Con Edison vaults located on Ludlow Street under a developer’s agreement between Con Edison and Edison Properties.Hunter Roberts also assisted in pricing the cost of the credit expected by Edison Properties from Con Edison under the same agreement.

The concrete cast-in-place structure formed one of the largest residential towers in the Lower East Side covered in custom brick, window wall, and high-end ground floor storefronts for both the lobby entrance and future retail tenants.

The project was financed through developer equity and tax exempt bonds issued in accordance with the New York State Housing Finance Agencies 80/20 program.