Steeplechase Plaza


  • New York City Economic Development Corporation


  • Brooklyn, NY

Hunter Roberts provided pre-construction and construction management services to the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) for the renovation of Steeplechase Plaza, a distinct plaza area on the historic  Coney Island boardwalk. Renovations and plaza reopening coincided with the restoration of the B&B carousel. Project scope called for the relocation of two existing youth league ball fields and replacing the space with a new park and a new pavilion building to house the restored B&B Carousel.  The elevation of the site was raised to the elevation of the Boardwalk, about seven feet above the existing street-grade level.  The event plaza extends the great public space of the boardwalk into the Steeplechase Plaza and intersects with Wonder Wheel Way entry (formerly New Bowery) and Parachute Jump Gateway at the Parachute Way entry (formerly 19th street).

The 72,000 SF park hosts a variety of events, both formal and informal, from gatherings for the Mermaid parade, Boardwalk Barrels of Fun, to impromptu street performances.  Located in the southeastern corner of the site, the new carousel pavilion is designed to maximize visibility from the boardwalk, the events plaza, parachute jump, and the 16th Street entrance, reinforcing the experience of a building “in the round”. The building has a central double height drum housing the restored carousel, bi-fold doors at the boardwalk level to allow for an open air experience, and free passage through the pavilion during much of the year. Secondary program elements of the building include a café and function room.