St. Francis Hospital Renovation



  • Catholic Health Services of Long Island


  • Cannon Design
  • Ewing Cole


  • Roslyn, NY

Operating Room and Cath Lab
This project is an interior healthcare fit-out of approximately 25,000 SF and was completed in three phases, two of which were built concurrently. The first phase involved the construction of six new operating rooms, a PACU unit, a waiting area, the locker rooms and the support spaces for the staff of the operating rooms. This work took place on the second and third floors and included significant selective demolition, new med gas systems, new HVAC systems, emergency power systems, concrete and structural steel, sprinklers, new plumbing, modification of nurse call systems and fire alarm systems, carpentry and drywall, and new finishes.

The second phase, which ran concurrent to the first, consisted of removing three existing elevators, which previously had four stops, modifying the shafts, and installing two new elevators. The total duration of these two concurrent phases was eight months from the time Hunter Roberts started construction.

The last phase of the project is the Cath Lab. Similarly to the OR phase, a new cath lab and its support spaces were built. This work included building out similar components as phase I and II in addition to radiation protection, including lead glass and lead lined doors and frames. The total duration of this work was six months.

Emergency Department
The project consisted of the renovation of two very important departments – the emergency department and the lab.  All of the work is taking place during normal business hours at both departments. Phasing of each point of the project was critical to ensure a seamless transition between the functioning facility and the newly improved department. The emergency department had three phases, while the lab has six phases.