Mount Sinai Annenberg 23



  • Mount Sinai Medical Center


  • New York, NY

The Annenberg 23 project consists of a 26,000-SF, $7 million full-floor renovation at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. When completed, it will house multiple laboratories and administration spaces that will be used for the research of contagious diseases.  This project requires a complete M/E/P/S upgrade including emergency power, new HVAC units and ductwork, new plumbing including acid waste and RO system, and providing a new sprinkler system throughout the floor. This project also includes the installation of a new BSL3 laboratory, requiring an enormous amount of dedicated services and redundancy.  The project is being built in three phases and requires a significant amount of coordination so as not to disturb the existing research labs remaining on the 23rd floor, as well as the labs on the floors above and below.