Mastery Charter Schools New Cramer Hill Elementary School



  • Mastery Charter Schools


  • Blackney Hayes; DCM


  • Camden, NJ

Hunter Roberts was responsible for the remediation of a three-acre site in Camden, NJ and is currently constructing a new elementary school that will serve grades Pre-K – 8, accounting for over 800 students.

The remediation for the project consisted of approximately 6,000 tons of contaminated soil. The remediated soil was excavated, tested, and removed from the site. Hunter Roberts staff worked closely with the Licensed Site Remediation Professional (LSRP) for the project to determine the extent of the soil that required remediation, and initiated groundwater controls in the remediation area. The project also included the installation and protection of groundwater monitoring wells.

The completed elementary school will feature 43 classrooms, a kitchen / servery, cafetorium, library, digital resource center, and gymnasium. Sitework includes a new playground, athletic fields, parking lot, and related traffic improvements. Mastery Charter Schools currently manages 15 schools with over 10,500 students.