EDC Green Infrastructure

Public Sector




  • Starr Whitehouse


  • New York, NY

Hunter Roberts is providing pre-construction and construction management services to the New York City Economic Development Corporation for the development of green infrastructure improvements to the Fresh Creek tributary area in Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn. The project site includes three parcels of land spanning more than 1,500 acres and incorporating approximately 1,680 right-of-way bioswales. Typical bioswales consist of sidewalk concrete cuts measuring about five feet wide by 20 feet long, incorporating a combination of plants, trees, permeable concrete, low curbs, and rainwater retention systems. Bioswales in larger open areas may include tiered landscaping and hardscaping. The goal of implementation is to mitigate combined sewer overflows and improve water quality in accordance with the Federal Clean Water Act. Improvements also assist with the Department’s sustainable planning efforts.