2016 IIF Safety Campaign Announcement

Today, Hunter Roberts is pleased to announce a new yearlong campaign to rebrand, reinforce, and reemphasize safety within our company and at all of our jobsites. This rebranding will involve internal and external communications and will include improving the design and implementation of IIF and hazard-specific safety graphics, a rebooted one-page safety newsletter, and the creation of #IIF_At_Home, which will ask our employees and subcontractors to take the IIF lessons they learn on the job, teach them to their families, and implement them throughout their personal lives.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information about the new and improved IIF campaign, along with details on #IIF_At_Home. Also, please follow our social media accounts and the branded hash tags listed at the top of this email.

Lastly, with our renewed emphasis on safety at home, please take a moment at home tonight to plan how you and your family will respond to Winter Storm Jonas this weekend. Prepare your homes with extra batteries, candles, food, and warm clothing in case you temporarily lose power, heat, or access to the supermarket. Secure your home the same way you are securing your jobsites this afternoon. Most importantly, #BeSafe.