Train the Trainer: The Next Step in Hunter Roberts Safety

June 26, 2014 — Four project executives and four senior superintendents recently concluded a multi-day intensive training program that will radically advance the impact of safety on Hunter Roberts’ projects and all employees, subcontractors, and visitors who walk these jobsites.

Over the past three days, Hunter Roberts and JMJ Associates—Hunter Roberts’ IIF safety initiative consultants—immersed these eight employees in the new IIF in Action program called Train the Trainer. This program specializes in teaching pre-task planning for safety, providing new tools for ensuring the safest possible working conditions and allowing Hunter Roberts to keep up with the ever-challenging world of construction hazards and risks.

In order to continue Hunter Roberts’ work towards an Incident and Injury Free workplace, the eight trained employees now possess a strong foundation in critical skills to guarantee the best and safest work environments possible. Soon, these employees will deliver IIF Orientation instructional programming to the principals of our subcontractors and IIF in Action training to first-line supervisors at Hunter Roberts so that uniformly trained professionals staff every jobsite.