Safety Week Marked by Education and Dedication


May 10, 2016 — With another Safety Week in the books, Hunter Roberts has identified several areas where we seek to improve safety and has carefully communicated to company staff, subcontractors, and clients the importance of staying attentive to safety risks throughout the year.

Safety Week is a learning opportunity. In the spirit of communication and sharing best practices, Hunter Roberts provided five Toolbox Talk topics and discussions that covered different topics each day. Department and jobsite leaders provided a topic-specific daily overview, showed their staff a short topic-specific safety video, and provide a topic-specific pre-task plan to discuss all of the risks and mitigating behaviors required for that topic.

The least expected topic of discussion was the one held Monday to kick-off Safety Week. In it, Hunter Roberts asked its jobsite leaders to redefine Incident and Injury Free (IIF) to the assembled staff through “Uncompromising Leadership”. The idea behind Uncompromising Leadership is twofold. First, while IIF is about personal commitment and individual resolve, leaders on jobsites need to demonstrate that such commitment is valued from the top-down and throughout an organization. Therefore, leaders need to be the strongest ambassadors for safety. Second, demonstrating that We Care by departing from a strictly enforcement-based safety policy does not mean we should be soft on violations. IIF is about being fair and firm. Caring is a mindset, but it’s also an action when one must write-up or remove an employee from a jobsite because their own safety, along with the safety of those around them, is compromised by their reckless actions.

Other Safety Week topics included more traditional issues, such as fall protection, ladders, scaffolds, lifts, electrical, and fire safety. There were many ways these issues were tied back to our staff in our offices and work around the home, reminding all Hunter Roberts employees that they should be committed to IIF. Hunter Roberts actively promoted Safety Week topics and content electronically, through social media platforms Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, as well as at This campaign will continue through the rest of the year through the #IIF_At_Home hashtag. This content further educates employees on ways they can take the lessons they learn on the job and apply them at home for personal safety and the safety of their families.

New Safety Week banners and T-shirts were distributed to staff and laborers on each Hunter Roberts jobsite and office location. This was as much a thank you for participating in this journey as much as it was to promote and raise awareness of the importance of safety. All jobsites also hosted a Safety Week luncheon for their staff and laborers in appreciation of their hard work.

“Phases of jobs start and finish, people cycle on and off a site, but safety is the one thing we need to do 24/7,” said Executive Vice President Paul Anderson. “It is vitally important to examine what’s working and what’s not working during Safety Week and rededicate ourselves to remain, throughout the year, Incident and Injury Free.”