President’s Message, Peer Reviews Kick Off Safety Week 2014

May 4, 2014 — Hunter Roberts President and CEO James C. McKenna kicked off Hunter Roberts’ participation in Safety Week 2014 by holding a conference call with the entire company, telling his personal experience with jobsite accidents and how they motivated him to implement our company-wide Incident and Injury Free safety initiative.

“…When we started Hunter Roberts, I was scared to death about death,” Jim said during Monday morning’s call. “That was the only thing I was afraid of. I wasn’t afraid of starting a company, I wasn’t afraid of all the challenges, the sales, the work. I was afraid of the potential to kill people.”

To help promote Safety Week and the importance of personal safety and safety on all our jobsites and in our offices, Hunter Roberts has set up an internal Safety Forum where Jim encourages each and every employee to share his or her own personal experiences. An excerpt from the conference call has been posted on the forum to encourage Hunter Roberts’ employees to open up about safety.

“You can prevent these things; you can really prevent them. I ask each and every one out there to think about a story: what it means to you, how personal it is, and go tell that story to your kids, to your family, and to your coworkers because that’s how important this is.”

Late last month, as a prelude to Safety Week, Hunter Roberts Executive Vice President Paul Anderson arranged unannounced safety peer reviews at many of its largest projects. The goal was not only to see if each jobsite was exceeding the minimum requirements of our Incident and Injury Free safety program, but to understand if there remained any issues that needed to be addressed.