Safety Week 2016

President & CEO James C. McKenna Opening Remarks
Good morning, everyone, and welcome to Safety Week 2016.


Anyone who works for or with Hunter Roberts knows that safety and our efforts to remain Incident and Injury Free are a priority to us every day of the year, not just for one week a year. Though we focus on IIF every day, Safety Week offers us an opportunity to reexamine our journey, share what’s working, examine what isn’t, and to re-commit ourselves to this important cause: sending everyone safely home at the end of the day.

This week, we need to be honest with ourselves and think:

  • Am I 100% committed to be Incident and Injury Free?
  • Have I always acted while keeping safety as the priority?
  • What can my jobsite do better to reduce risks for injuries?
  • If I’ve seen unsafe behavior, have I acted to stop or prevent it?

Any areas where you can honestly say “no” are areas where we need improvement. Those areas should be your personal focal points this week.

Our focus, at large, should be to emphasize pre-planning. You’ve all heard me talk about how 2016 is the year for pre-planning. Pre-planning has a positive, direct impact on safety. This is why the Safety Week Toolbox Packages your departments and jobsites will review this week include completed Daily Huddle forms. These forms demonstrate the proper way to pre-plan each of these tasks. When reviewing these Daily Huddle pre-task plans, I encourage you all to discuss not only the controls you need to offset hazards but also the actions you can take to alleviate risk for accidents. Have a frank, open, and honest conversation with your craftsmen!

Beyond mitigating risk through pre-planning, each and every one of us must better prioritize and acknowledge safety throughout our day. How can we do this? I trust that all of our jobsites are starting the day with their Daily Huddles, but if they aren’t, we should start there. Why not also end a successfully safe day with a brief huddle to thank and acknowledge one another for an incident and injury free day? IIF is most effective when it is frequently discussed and reinforced. Pre-plan tonight and every night to go home safe.

Before Safety Week is through, your Project Executives will visit each jobsite they manage to conduct a personal safety survey with you and your staff. Please be completely open and honest with your responses. These surveys are not designed to punish past safety lapses, but to determine what we can support you so that you can work incident and injury free. Your executives will report back their findings on each individual site’s safety strengths and weaknesses and, as necessary, Hunter Roberts will support individual sites to make the changes needed to ensure everyone goes home safely each day.

Thank you very much for your time this morning and thank you for pledging to be Incident and Injury Free. As many of you know, safety and IIF are causes that are very near and dear to my heart and I am proud to be the leader of a company that makes safety its top priority. Please check your email this morning for our Safety Week Implementation message, which details the week’s agenda and where you can pick up your Safety Week T-shirts. Enjoy your week and, please, BE SAFE!