NYBF Spotlights West 57 for Safety, Community Responsiveness

August 2014 — As participants in the Construction for a Livable City (CLC) initiative, the New York Building Foundation (NYBF) has given a nod of approval to Durst Fetner Residential (DFR) and Hunter Roberts for the West 57th Street residential project.

The CLC campaign, which DFR signed onto as part of the public review and approvals process, is an initiative that seeks to improve worksite quality and ensure better coordination between site operators and the surrounding community.

More than 300 workers are on site during any given workday, making the maintenance of a clean and safe worksite not only a paramount concern, but also a complex goal to attain. NYBF noted some of the ways that DFR and Hunter Roberts are making West 57 an incredibly safe and community-friendly site:

  • Worker turnstile ID cards are only activated upon completion of IIF safety training
  • Standpipes are located throughout the project site, exceeding FDNY requirements
  • Members of the local firehouse were given a tour of the site and provided with contact information for key individuals on the project
  • Portable restroom facilities are kept out of sight and cleaned daily
  • Construction fences are painted regularly and given decorative partitions
  • Streets and sidewalks are swept at regular intervals
  • The site’s temporary truck delivery bay – designated by plastic construction barriers – is removed each day during rush hour to provide additional lanes for traffic
  • Weekend work hours begin later than permitted and work calendars are distributed to neighboring apartment managers to circulate among the residents

Started in 1998, the NYBF was established by members of the New York Building Congress as a philanthropic program to improve the New York City building community’s approach to promoting our industry.