Hunter Roberts Sponsors Safety Week 2014:  May 4-10

May 4, 2014 — Hunter Roberts is proud to be a corporate sponsor and participant of Safety Week 2014, a nationwide campaign co-sponsored along with 30 other construction organizations to raise awareness of safety requirements on construction jobsites.  Hunter Roberts has three goals for Safety Week:

First: to thank our workers for supporting safety, as the overwhelming majority of them work safely all of the time.

Second: to inform and refresh the Hunter Roberts staff about the meaning and cultural significance of IIF to our company.

Third: to share best practices and learn more about Safety and IIF – both at work and at home.

In pursuit of our goals, we have scheduled “Toolbox Talks” on all of our jobsites for each day of Safety Week 2014.  The subjects of the talks are as follows:


                                                WORK                                                                HOME

Monday                                  PPE – hard hats, glasses, gloves                      Safety glasses for home projects

Tuesday                                 Housekeeping                                                    Fire safety – Smoke Alarms

Wednesday                            Ladders / Scaffolds                                            Ladders

Thursday                                Hand Tools                                                         Lawn mowers, weed wackers, etc.

Friday                                     Electrical                                                            Safe driving


To assist in this endeavor, we have prepared a lesson learned case study and guidelines for each toolbox talk for each day and distributed them in binders at each of our jobsites and company offices.  The subjects all relate to the fundamentals of safety, both at work and at home.  Hunter Roberts employees and subcontractors are encouraged to use these materials to facilitate the talks and other safety discussions at their jobs.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. Most of all – BE SAFE!! For more information about Safety Week 2014, visit