Hunter Roberts Celebrates Safety Week 2015

May 4, 2015 – Hunter Roberts is excited to celebrate Safety Week 2015 along with 30 other construction firms around the country. Hunter Roberts cares about the safety and well being of each one of its employees, business partners, friends, and family, and demonstrates this through the Incident and Injury Free (IIF) philosophy we have adopted. IIF has formed the bedrock of the company’s culture since 2009.

In his opening remarks to kick off Safety Week on Monday morning, President and CEO James C. McKenna committed once again to this culture, saying, “Working safely is our number one priority. Safety Week gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves about the importance of caring about our people and their safety at work and at home.”

Starting Monday, the Hunter Roberts’ offices and jobsites will host a series of events including site visits, toolbox talks, luncheons, and health screenings. These activities are designed to thank workers for promoting a safe work environment every day as well as to encourage an open discussion about and a deeper understanding of the IIF culture. “IIF is about respect, caring, and relationships,” McKenna said. “IIF teaches us that the foundation of accomplishment is relationships. I encourage each of you to use your relationships to accomplish our goal of sending everyone home safe every day.” He urges everyone recommit to this culture by sharing stories and safety practices with coworkers and friends.

Enjoy Safety Week 2015. Check back at for more updates and, remember, BE SAFE!