Connecting Health With IIF at Safety Week

May 6, 2015 – In an effort to tie our Incident and Injury Free (IIF) safety culture and the significance of Safety Week 2015 to personal health, Hunter Roberts employees were treated to a lunch and learn session on Wednesday that focused on facts, signs, and preventative treatments for heart attacks and strokes. Mary Beth Ruta, a registered dietician with Cigna, gave the presentation about the two types of maladies, which rank in the top five causes of death worldwide.

Although there are signals when a heart attack or stroke is occurring, “your body does not give off a sign that you’re about to have an attack,” Ruta said, explaining one reason why strokes and heart disease are so deadly. Prevention methods for the two include healthier eating habits, regular exercise, smoking cessation, and closely tracking personal biometrics.

Esther Guerrero, a project accountant in Hunter Roberts’ New York office, said she greatly appreciated the luncheon. “It was good to learn about the symptoms so we act quickly when this happens to us or someone else,” she said.

Understanding the risks associated with these illnesses is crucially important at jobsites, where a moment of unawareness due to heart attack or stroke can lead to additional serious injuries to the person affected by the affliction and those working around them. The same can be said about awareness away from work, where heart attacks or strokes could create additional hazards and risks at home that affect family, friends, and bystanders.

Hunter Roberts hopes that employees take the advice to lead healthy lifestyles so we can ensure everyone goes home and remains safe (and healthy) at the end of the day.